Maryline Guitton
Performer, Singer, Author-composer
I imagine teaching voice as accompanying someone on his or her journey into the self, which in turn opens him or her to the world. I guide individuals and groups on a creative journey to develop intuitive listening by awakening body and sensory awareness, thus opening an inner space for aesthetic, emotional and musical landscapes. It’s magical when a student feels the presence of something greater than himself and exclaims: ‘It feels like it’s not me singing!’

Performer, Singer, Author-composer
Lives in Paris, France
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2012

Born in 1973, Maryline Guitton teaches voice in Paris at professional actor training schools (Blanche Salant, Enfants Terribles, Point Fixe, Berlize), voice art-therapy for teenagers with learning disabilities (Cours du Pont de Pierre), and gives private voice lessons to beginners and professionals.

She is also a voice coach for films and music, dance and theatre productions. She performs regularly as a singer and actress in physical theatre and improvised music performances. In 2007 she created and performed a one-woman show about mermaids, directed by Enrique Pardo. On April 29th, 2016, she released Chrysopée, a self-produced 12-song album of original songs.

Maryline Guitton has trained with Kaya M. Anderson, Jonathan Hart-Makwaia, Carol Mendelsohn, Enrique Pardo, Linda Wise and Liza Mayer.
She speaks French and English.

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